Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.

Here are some free ways that you can start spreading kindness today.

Join us at #LetsSpreadKindness and #StartSpreadingKindness!

  1. Smile and say “hello” or “good morning” to a stranger walking down the street.
  2. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you.
  3. Leave a sweet note for someone you love.
  4. Let another driver merge into your lane – with a smile on your face.
  5. Pass along a wonderful book you’ve finished reading.
  6. Bring a meal to new parents.
  7. Give praise to others whenever possible.
  8. Always stop at the lemonade stand.
  9. Create a care package for someone who is feeling under the weather.
  10. Let someone who’s in a hurry skip you in line.
  11. Offer to walk your friend or neighbor’s dog.
  12. Offer your mail carrier a water bottle or snack.
  13. Add coins to a parking meter that’s about to expire.
  14. Buy a meal for someone who’s hungry.
  15. Brighten someone’s day with flowers.
  16. Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter.
  17. Leave a 5-star review online for a small business you love.
  18. Send a text to a friend to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  19. Pick up trash that’s blown along the street or gutters in your neighborhood.
  20. Collect box tops to help support the schools.

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